Thursday, September 3, 2009

Party Topics Conversation Place Cards

These are unique place card holders which have conversation starters on the back! Don't worry about awkward silences at your reception. Everyone will be sharing their questions and learning new things about the people at their table. These place cards are very inexpensive too. You can order a pack of 30 for only $5.50 at this site.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Body Magic Undergarment

This undergarment is a great reshaper undergarment for your wedding day. It helps you lose 2-3 inches instantly, improves your posture, brings in your waist, and lifts the breasts. For more information, click here.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Simply Beautiful Favor Boxes

I found a variety of elegant favor boxes for less than $1 each! The satin ribbon and tape is included. There are several styles to choose from. To view all the styles, or to order, view here.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Planning The Guest List

Here are some questions to consider when planning your guest list:

*What kind of atmosphere do we want at our wedding and reception?
*Do we want to invite only close friends and relatives, or acquaintances too?
*How much seating will be available in our chosen venues?
*Do we plan on having a dinner reception, and how many people can we afford to feed? (Is anyone helping to fund this wedding, and what is their budget?)
*Are both the bride and groom satisfied with the size and the people included on the guest list?
*Are we keeping in mind that not everyone will come that we invite?
*Is the list becoming so big that it is causing too much stress?
*Are we able to accommodate people that need to travel in for the wedding (hotel,etc.)?
*Are we both able to make some compromises?

Remember, you can tweak the guest list all the way up until you actually send out the invitations, if necessary.

(Photo acquired from Payton Chung's Flickr Photo Stream in the Creative Commons)

Plan For a Wonderful Day, Not A Perfect Day

One of the best pieces of advice I received when I was planning my wedding was to plan for a wonderful day, not necessarily a perfect day. No matter how much you plan, there will be those unexpected things that will just happen. If you are hoping and preparing for a perfect day, you will soon be disappointed when things don't turn out as you plan. Instead, look forward to a wonderful day that celebrates the love between you and your fiancee, and you can take unexpected happenings in stride.

(Photo acquired from Brighterorange's Flickr photostream in the Creative Commons)

Wedding Placeholders That Double As Favors

These placeholders double as favors! You can buy 10 or more sets of 12 for just $21per set! They go with just about any theme or style. If you like them, you can order them here.